I am a Dutch freelance photographer with an passionate desire to document people in remote corners of the world. Seeing how these cultures survive in modern times. How to combine old traditions with modern society.

I also teach workshops at Calumet in The Netherlands. Next to being a specialist on Photoshop and Lightroom, I also give personal advise on photo workflows and making movies with all kinds of devices, on iPhones and DSLR camera’s as well digital film camera’s. I’m also a specialist on Final Cut Pro editing.

Because of my long experience as a photographer, filmmaker and teacher I also give personal Masterclasses on photography, storytelling and black and white fine-art printing.

“Wout is a passionate speaker with excellent teaching skills, capable of explaining complex workflows in easy to grab procedures in a practical way. Always thinking in the interest of the individual photographer with a keen eye for storytelling and branding”

In the last few years I travelled to India, China, Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal and Mustang for documenting local lives and also teached over 1000 workshops in the last 12 years, mainly in The Netherland and Belgium.